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The journey through hard work in gaining financial freedom

If you are like me, you must have had one of those days when you were seemingly broke and you thought to yourself- What if I won a £1 Million in the lottery? How cool will it be for me to get my wife that jewellery she always wanted, buy my parents that dream house, get my dream car or even take my family on holidays.

I maybe sounding very lofty but for some it may have even been just having enough money to buy a meal or even pay the internet or phone bill. I have had these moments and I can say that it can be depressing if your not mentally tough.

Winning the lottery isn’t as life transforming as it is thought to be. Statistics have it that 44% of lottery winners spend all their winnings in 5 years, with that of others lasting a lifetime. Another study suggests that people who win the lottery are twice as likely to file for bankruptcy every year than the general population.

So what is it that makes winning the lottery more like a curse and not a blessing?

I have highlighted reasons why I believe hard work would pay greater dividends in the long run than the short-cut of winning the lottery or gambling.

1. There is dignity in labour

The bible states that “in much labour there is profit”, hence highlighting the joy and fulfilment gained in attaining wealth through hard work. It was in the book “The Richest man in Babylon where the question was asked “Do you have the soul of a freeman or that of a slave?, for a freeman looks at life as a series of problems to be solved and solves them, while that of a slave whines, ‘What can I do since I am but a slave?”. Lotteries are somewhat short-cuts to wealth that most times lead to the land of misery. Jack Whittaker a lottery winner told reporters “I wish I’d torn that ticket up.” after his lottery winnings led him and his family to great misery.

2. Be transformed by the process

One of few success stories of lottery winners, Sandra Hayes stated that“Just because you win the lottery, it does not change you as a person,”. It is always important to understand that the reward of attaining financial freedom is not necessarily about the money but who you become in the process. This is why Billionaires like Donald Trump who went Bankrupt was able to get back on his feet as a result of the wisdom gained in the process of building his empire, although he lost his wealth, he never lost the knowledge needed to recover them.

3. Be an inspiration to others who are on their journey.

One of the greatest rewards in life is being able to inspire others through success stories, for it is in doing this that one gains true sense of fulfilment. This amongst many is one of the reasons why I enjoy and will always recommend reading books, particularly biographies. The hope and inspiration gained from knowing that someone was in a similar situation and was able to overcome the odds and go on to succeed is immeasurable. It is important to understand that lottery is a game of numbers and as a result is subject to chance, but Success and Legacies are built on the premise of Hard work and perseverance”.

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My Advice

In your journey to financial freedom, never take financial mistakes personal, rather learn from them and see them as stepping stones to being financially free. Always remember that winning the lottery isn’t enough to change a life, for it takes more than just money to live a fulfilled life.

Have you ever felt financially frustrated that attempting the lottery seemed to be the logical thing? Trust me, I have been there. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and may I request that you share this with the people in your social circle.

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