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I recently came across a quote that said ” You are the same today as you will be in five years, except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read. We live in a time and age where one’s life is estimated by his or her fashion trend, the car driven or the coziness of their place of abode but the reality is that information, knowledge and ideas have always been the catalyst that brought about a change in any establishment.

"You are the same today as you will be in five years, except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read." Click To Tweet

But the question remains, How is it that people are not thinking smarter, speaking smarter and acting smarter? my answer will be that it is not as a result of dearth of information but a lack of an organised platform for learning; for information is best assimilated when delivered in a structured and organised manner that is bespoke to its potential user.

So having established the aforementioned, it suffices to suggest that being smart is not necessary as a result of intellect but on the basis of depth in knowledge and experience regarding a particular area in life. So in this post, I intend to point you in the right direction necessary to making you attain the best for your life.

  1. Read Books 
  2. Listen to Podcasts
  3. Attend Seminars

Read Books

One will undoubtedly admit that we are in the information age and in order to be relevant, information acquisition must remain paramount on everyone’s priority list. Statistics have shown that only one  in ten adults read non-fiction books after school or college. In the book Mastering Self: To Lead Self and Other by Donald Hanna mentioned that “Words influence Thinking” as they are tools for speaking, reading and writing. He said that ‘ Knowledge is gained through thoughts in form of words and the command of vocabulary governs the range of our mental faculties. This in effects confirms the fact that “what you read determines what you are”.

Listen to Podcasts

As mentioned earlier, because we are in the information age, the medium through information has increased over the years and pod casting is one of such. Listening to podcasts avails you with the privilege of tapping into various ideas that are relevant for bettering oneself. Every morning on my way to work whilst driving, I endeavour to feed my mind with the relevant information that I believe will help me achieve better results. I once heard the Late sage Zig Ziglar say that “your car is to be a rolling university”. Skip Pritchard says “If your vehicle is only moving your body, you are missing its full potential”. It could be whilst you are at the gym, jogging or even taking a walk but you must be resolute about maximising each second by feeding your mind with things that a profitable for you towards fulfilling destiny.

Attend Seminars

There is nothing like being in the same room with like minded people from different works of life all sharing the same passion of personal development and being a catalyst of change. The energy is electrifying and elating. It is true that ideas rules the world but except you are in the space where such ideas flow, the chances are that you won’t have what it takes to process quality ideas. 

I believe that in the uniqueness of every individual lies what it takes to impact the world positively. All we all need is to be under the right incubator in order for the genius underneath to emerge. 

Here are a list of books and podcasts that have and continually influence me positively.

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