List of Books and Podcasts that Have Changed My Life

It was Frank Outlaw that suggested that “we must watch our thoughts. They become words. Watch our words. They become deeds. Watch our deeds. They become habits. Watch our habits. They become character. Character is everything.” This statement cannot be far from accurate for our thought life is largely influenced by word life and our word life is driven by the quality of information we avail ourselves to. So If indeed you wish to see a difference in your life, then things need to be done differently.

Here I am providing you with a list of books and podcasts that have influenced me greatly in the various aspects of my life.


Books for me are one of those tools that I enjoy reading. Many may prefer either listening to an Audio Book or reading an eBook or even buying a hard copy. Whatever the case maybe, my encouragement is for you to strive to learn. It is through learning that ideas are born, processed and even executed. As time goes on, I will keep updating this reading list.

Personal Development



Relationships/ Marriage

Public Speaking/Presentation

Spiritual Development


This for me is special because I always endeavor to use the little and seemingly inconsequential spare time to learn a things or two. Whilst driving to work, I am listening to something and the same goes for when I am either running or in the gym working out. Permit me to say that what you listen to largely influences your thought process and your thought processes dictate the content of your speech. So do wish to improve the content of your speech as well as vocabulary? My suggestion would be to either read or listen to podcasts. So here are a list of the few that I listen to

Spiritual Growth

Andrew Wommack Radio- Available on iOS Platform
Domi Radio– Click on This Link

Personal Finance

The Dave Ramsey Show- Available on iOS Platform

Personal Development

The Entreleadership Podcast- Available on iOS Platform
I hope you found this helpful